Centenarian shares her secret to long life

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A woman, who is on the verge of celebrating her 103rd birthday, has offered some good advice to young people, especially women, which is to take care of themselves and their families.
Yesterday, on OBSERVER AM, 102-year-old Helen Idris Crawford shared her secret to longevity and said she took good care of herself all these years.
“I take care of myself. That is why I lived so long. I would tell them take care of their parents, love them and treat them the right way.”
Her daughter, Elsa Brown, says her mother is in good health except for arthritis. She has urged those who take care of the elderly, to be patient.
“Just take the time, love your parents. Don’t get angry, don’t scream at them and curse at them, no. Just take your time with them; that’s all I have to say to these young people and middle-aged people out there. Treat your mother the way you would like to be treated.”
Brown also said that her mother has taught her valuable life-lessons such as how to love and care for people, and that she will continue to look after her elderly mother.
“Take care of your family and your elderly parents. I would never put my mother any place as long as I live, my mother will be with me, not like some of these people who take their mothers to different homes and never look back. That will never be my mother,” Brown said.
Crawford, who grew up in Martin’s Village, will be 103 years old on March 21.

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