CDACS launches annual scholarship programme

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The Centre for Development Academics Creativity and Services (CDACS) has re-launched its annual scholarship programme to present a deserving student the opportunity to pursue studies in the field of health or education.
The awardee would be able to choose the scholarship for either the Nurse Assistant or Early Childhood Education training programme.
Desiree George, the school administrator, said the programme is open to residents of Antigua and Barbuda who are financially challenged, and who display academic achievements and a commitment to serving others.
“You may ask why health or education. Without education, you cannot go anywhere and without health, you know what happens next… There are a lot of situations where people are in need of health care and health care needs people who are trained properly and that is where CDACS comes in.
“We offer the Early Childhood Education course, Physiotherapy Assistant, Mental Health Assistant … we have trained, in total, over 400 plus students,” George said.
Students wishing to apply for the scholarship will be required to submit a letter detailing why they should be awarded and how they can make a difference in the profession they have chosen among, other among other criteria.
“They will also need three written references from people who have known them for over two years. The applicant must be at least 16 years of age, must have completed secondary school, and be involved in a humanitarian organisation,” the administrator said.
The deadline for submission of applications is Friday, July 6.
CDACS Training Institute is an educational and training institution that offers courses in health, education, and business.
Operating since 2008 as a home nursing care service, and advancing into a training institution and community college in 2015, CDACS has trained over 300 students in the areas of geriatrics, early childhood education, certified nurse assistant, child care, care management and clinical medical office assistant.

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