CBH treats recurring flea infestation at secondary school

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Classes at the Antigua Grammar School (AGS) resumed yesterday following disruptions on Monday due to a flea infestation.

Principal of AGS, Samuel Roberts confirmed to OBSERVER media that Central Board of Health (CBH) went on the school compound to spray desks, chairs, classrooms and surrounding areas on Monday.

The AGS head noted that stray dogs on the compound are the cause of this recurring issue.

“We’ve had this problem in the Antigua Grammar School, this isn’t the first time that we’ve had to suspend sessions because of a flea infestation and it’s always been the same thing — stray dogs on the school compound. We try to keep the fence in good order and the gate closed but there are just some areas along the fencing that can’t be secured that way so that’s where the dogs enter.”

Roberts said students have been able to use the rooms and furniture for exams despite the late start of school yesterday, due to cleaning.

“We had to disinfect the desks and so on before

any of the students could come into contact with it. What has happened is one of the main affected buildings is not one we use for exams at all so there’s nobody in that building. So, we were able to outfit other rooms and start exams for first and second forms.

“Even though we got off to a late start after cleaning up the desks and so on [Tuesday] morning, I think we are good to go,” Roberts said.

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