CBH to provide recommendations to improve conditions at School

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The Mary E Piggott Primary School is in its current state because the water that leaves the building flows in a natural waterway causing extra moisture in the school’s immediate environs.
Senior Public Health Inspector at the Central Board of Health (CBH) Emile Floyd made the observation during a recent site visit at the school. The visit was triggered after photographs were circulated on social media depicting water puddles, one of which a nine-year-old reportedly fell in. And, there were also mounting complaints from residents about the conditions of the educational facility when it rains. 
During an interview posted on the Ministry of Health’s website, Floyd also explained that the incident with the young female student who was injured from the fall, actually occurred back in May and not during the latest flooding and rains. 
“In running across back and forth to the playing area the child’s foot got stuck in the soakaway which facilitates the wastewater. The area is in that state because water [from] the buildings flows towards the natural watercourse,” Floyd said.
He said the school authorities will have to develop a strategy to channel the water that runs from the building into a drainage system in order to prevent it from settling on the compound and causing a problem.
“We have spoken with the Board of Education and we will be submitting a comprehensive report to them because they are the ones that are responsible for maintaining schools’ plants in the country. We will try to assist and I am sure that the Ministry of Education will do their part as well,” the senior health official said.

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