CBH raids several ‘well-known’ supermarkets and remove suspect lettuce

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The OBSERVER media has confirmed that Central Board of Health (CBH) officers currently busy removing several boxes of romaine lettuce from the shelves and refrigeration storage of well-known supermarkets.

While she chose not to name the supermarkets, the country’s Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin, told the OBSERVER that, “all of the condemned lettuce has been taken to the Cooks Sanitary Landfill to be crushed by the wheels of the backhoe before burial.”

The Chief says that this is a way of ensuring they do not become accessible for human consumption.

In a post on the CBH’s Facebook page dated December 23, the department is advising, “consumers not to purchase or eat romaine lettuce grown in [Salinas, California].”

The post further states, “retailers are further advised not to offer the product for sale.”

The most recent E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce—which caused thousands of stores and restaurants to remove potentially affected product from their shelves in November—has now been reported across 25 states in the US.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that there have been 138 cases of E. coli across 25 states, resulting in 72 hospitalizations.

There have been E. coli reported cases confirmed in Antigua and Barbuda since its November 29, 2019 release.

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  1. Why not name names – whom are you protecting the consumer or the businesses…. if they knew that the lettuce was tainted, then in keeping them on the shelves, they were consciously exposing consumers to painful health risks… and should be matter for the Courts of Law


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