CBH discontinues land-clearing programme

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The Central Board of Health (CBH) has cancelled a programme which made it easier to control rats and some types of mosquitoes.

Chief Health Inspector Lionel Michael said the land-clearing programme has been cancelled based on a directive from the Ministry of Health.

He said the cessation of the programme has now made the process more difficult.

“It is more difficult to control rats, and it is more difficult to control the nuisance mosquito, and to a certain extent the Aedes Aegypti, because there is shelter and water collects below in the vegetation where mosquitoes breed, especially the nuisance one that attacks you in the afternoon,” Michael said.

Michael said the clearing of land, which used to be done for public health reasons, also helped improve security in neighbourhoods.

“We used to do that, on a [regular] basis for public health and security reasons in neighbourhoods in Mount Pleasant, McKinnon’s Browne’s Avenue, Liberta and throughout the country.

It was for a public health reason helping to control mosquitoes and rats.

That is how we used to do it. It was not a business undertaking,” the chief health inspector said.

Homeowners requiring such services will now have to do so in their regard.

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