To Work or Not to Work

The word “work” is defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, Tenth Edition as “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result; ...

On Marriage (cont’d)

God’s definition of marriage was not for the Jewish people only, but was intended to apply to all people in all societies for all time.

Who should define marriage?

Governments around the world are seemingly defining marriage, however, the question to be asked is should they really be doing this and what is the real basis ...

Let’s walk the talk

In Antigua & Barbuda, we just talk, and talk, and then, talk some more. Somehow it seems to make us relax because we spoke about whatever topic/issue.

Enough is enough

During the recent press conference held in St John’s, Antigua on Wednesday, 16th July, 2014 at the start of the CPL games here, West Indies cricketer Chris Gay...