Cassada Gardens resident celebrates 105 years

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She celebrated 105 years yesterday and Lillian Edwards of Cassada Gardens showed no signs that she will be leaving this earth very soon.
The centenarian entertained Governor General Sir Rodney Williams, and his wife Lady Sandra Williams, at her home yesterday where family, friends, and representatives from the Ministry of Social Transformation joined in acknowledging her milestone.
Son, Rupert Edwards, said that his mother is still very alert, although she is not able to walk. The centenarian can sit up without assistance and engage in conversation with anyone who speaks to her.
“Recently she has been asking for fish, but she eats anything you give her. It is mostly cereals and soft food,” the centenarian’s only child told OBSERVER media.
Edwards and her late husband, Stanley Edwards, migrated from their birthplace, the island of St. Kitts in 1969, at the invitation of her older sister.
She began working at the Central Cotton Station at Friars Hill and later became a nurse. She was last assigned to the Mental Hospital.
Stanley passed away in 1968 at the age of 64.
Edwards comes from a long line of long-livers – her mother Catherine Gomes, passed away in Antigua and Barbuda over 20 years ago, three months shy of her 100th birthday. The centenarian had a great-aunt who lived up to 115 years in St. Kitts, and an uncle who passed away at the ripe old age of 112, in Anguilla.
Rupert told OBSERVER media that he is hoping to replicate his mother’s feat. He said that he has faith that he will live to 105 years old and be without pain.
Lora Piper, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation recited Edward’s prayer for the nation, one the centenarian shared with her on a November 30 visit.
“Oh Father in heaven, look down in love and mercy upon the children of this nation, give us the strength to be children of Yours, to love, serve and bless others. Amen.”
Edwards is being cared for by Rupert and his wife, Annette Edwards, in their home and they are assisted by government-assigned aides.

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