CASI to honour record breaking rowers

Team Wadadli rows in at Nelson Dockyard, on February 10, after spending more than 52 days at sea in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Row Challenge. (Photo by Jake Wong/OBSERVER media)

The four members of Antigua & Barbuda’s Team Wadadli will be honoured during the second staging of the Caribbean Awards for Sports Icons (CASI) here on September 24.

Chief organiser Al Hamilton labelled the Atlantic journey completed by Nick Fuller, John Hall, Peter Smith and Archie Bailey, as a monumental effort and one that would not only resonate here in Antigua & Barbuda but will encompass the Caribbean as a whole.

“Up to this morning (Thursday), I was (watching) on BBC Television where 6,000 people were on one of these massive cruise ships going from the Bahamas back to New York and got caught in a storm. One of the individuals, who is a former veteran, said when that thing was being tossed around in the ocean (and he has been in serious conflict zones) he had never been so scared in his life. So can you imagine what these guys went through,” he said.

“I can say this loud and clear that once this event is going to take place this year, those four men will be honoured by the CASI foundation.”

The four nationals completed the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Row Challenge in 52, nine hours and nine minutes, and crossed the finish line on Wednesday afternoon to a hero’s welcome at Nelson’s Dockyard.

This year’s awards, Hamilton said, will feature the top performers from the region while one former national athlete will head the planning committee.

“We have been talking to a number of top brand sporting icons from the Caribbean and we are looking towards having another gala night at the Sandals Grande on Saturday, September 24. I can also share with you that former prime minster Sir Lester Bird has (agreed) to being the chairman of a planning committee which would include the Minister of Sports (EP Chet Greene) and sporting legend and National Hero Sir Vivian Richards,” he said.

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