Cashew Hill residents erect roadblock

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Cashew Hill residents who are fed up with the floods, blocked drains and giant potholes have taken action to get the government’s attention.
This morning, they used wood, large old electrical appliances, tyres and other items to block the road, forcing drivers to turn back and face long lines of traffic on Whenner Road.
Residents complained that they have been facing this problem for nearly 15 years, even though some road works were done between 2006 and 2014.
“This road is a road that people would use to come off of college road (Valley Road) and meet All Saints Road or American Road. The vehicles would use this road on a constant and everyday basis,” said one resident referencing the stream of motorists who avoid rush hour traffic in the vicinity of Antigua State College and Golden Grove Primary School by detouring through Cashew Hill.
“They’ve fixed one part of the road, but this part of the road, they’ve totally forgotten,” he added. 
The residents say the blocked drains have also resulted in mosquito infestation and that they are calling on the government to clear the drains and finish construction of the gutters.
In some areas, reinforcing steel rods are exposed where concrete drains are supposed to be and bridges have not been built over wide drains in front of  homes.
“You jump over the gutter or you cross by the part that is finished. Normally, they would come and spray the gutter, but that doesn’t really do anything, because the mosquitoes they still come back.
“I have a baby, and I mean, she can’t be getting sick like that,” said another resident.
Shortly before midday, a crew from the Public Works Department arrived in the area and removed the road block allowing traffic to flow, but nothing was done to address the clogged drains and potholes.

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