Cash Prize For Cool And Smooth T20 Explosion Increased

Dario Barthley (left) and PIC Liberta Blackhawks who won the 2019 edition of the Cool & Smooth T20 Explosion
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By Carlena Knight

Teams in the Cool and Smooth T20 Explosion will have a chance to boost their coffers this year thanks to an increase in the prize money.

Head of the organising team Dario Barthley revealed that an extra EC$2,000 will be added onto the EC$20,000 cash prize for the winning team.

He explained that the Covid pandemic had influenced Cool and Smooth owner Amir Hourani to raise the stakes.

“We did have a lengthy discussion about the prize money and Amir was adamant that with the impact that the pandemic has had that the prize money needs to be up.

“So, we are now going with the format that the prize money will be EC$22,000 this year for the winner, and the idea is that that figure will raise with the year.

“So, this year is 2022, so $22,000, and then next year $23,000. That is the format that Amir wants to be in place,” Barthley revealed.

 “Things are tight with the clubs and the main aim of this is ensuring that the winnings of the Cool and Smooth T20 can do something significant for the clubs and we thought that dropping the prize money wouldn’t really allow them to do that.

“All of the other prize money has remained the same and will probably remain the same, although we may see raises in a couple years, but second place will be $10,000, third $5,000 and $2,500 for fourth place and that is in consideration that they all have to play those extra two matches.

“You can’t reward the winners alone considering all the teams would have provided entertainment for those extra two days of cricket, so we want to ensure that everyone who participates in that climax of the tournament is awarded accordingly,” Barthley added.

The tournament is expected to bowl off on April 24 and culminate on May 7 and according to Barthley will follow its original playing format with teams split into two zones.

He did however mention that the round robin format will be used in the near future.

PIC Liberta Blackhawks are the defending champions, winning the competition in 2019.

The Cool and Smooth T20 Explosion has been on ice for the past two years due to Covid.

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