‘Cash flow problems’ cause worsening prison conditions, minister says

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Minister of Public Safety Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin has admitted that Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) “has not been repaired and improved as quickly as [the government] intended” because there have been “some problems with cash flow”. 
His statement falls in line with those of the Superintendent of Prisons Albert Wade who said last week that there is a dire water shortage at HMP, but there was no money to buy water or to continue the cell expansion project to relieve the overcrowding.
In response, Benjamin told OBSERVER media that the cash flow problem was “being taken care of”, adding: “We understand the importance of getting the prison into a state that is acceptable and we shallcontinue to work toward doing so.”
The minister of public safety added that the water shortage “is also being addressed” and that “next week [the government] intends to put a plan in place to make certain that at all times there is water in the prison”.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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