Case of suspended top cop closer to conclusion

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Wendel Robinson, through his lawyers, and the officials whom he accused of unfairly suspending him from the post of Commissioner of Police, have argued and counter argued their positions in the High Court.
This was done yesterday before Justice Godfrey Smith, who has now given the parties until October 19 to file any further written submissions in support of the oral arguments they made in court and previously filed submissions.
Dr. David Dorsett, who represented the Police Service Commission (PSC) during the four hour hearing, said the judge indicated that he will deliver his decision “shortly” after the parties make those final submissions requested.
According to Dorsett, the attorney general, who was also one of the people who Robinson sued in his unfair suspension case, is no longer a defendant in the matter.
That’s because the court struck his name off the case after hearing arguments from Benjamin’s lawyer, Anthony Astaphan S.C. and Robinson’s lawyer Sir Richard Cheltenham as to why Benjamin should or shouldn’t be a defendant.
The court eventually accepted the argument of Benjamin’s lawyer Astaphan S.C, that Benjamin was not correctly named as a defendant since he did not suspend the top cop.
Robinson, who filed the challenge to his suspension in May, was sent home on April 5 following allegations he sexually harassed three male subordinate colleagues and a civilian who was seeking entry into the police force.
The incidents allegedly occurred between 2016 and 2018 but were officially reported in March this year.
An investigation, launched in August, has been completed but the findings have not been made public.

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