Case committed against pastor who allegedly performed oral sex on churchgoer

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A foreign pastor operating in Antigua and Barbuda has found himself entangled in legal trouble for allegedly violating a female churchgoer.

The incident dates back to June 2022 when the complainant was invited to the defendant’s church by a member.

After her initial attendance, she frequented the church and began confiding in the pastor about personal matters such as stress, frustration, and financial woes.

The pastor, claiming to be certified as a professional masseuse with a thriving business abroad, proposed to give her a massage, which she agreed to, albeit cancelling arrangements multiple times for various reasons.

Upon learning of her financial struggles, he offered to bless her financially. On March 18, 2023, in the morning, he picked her up, handed her $400, and promised to give her an additional $300 within two days.

After that, he took her to an apartment and requested that she undress for the massage, to which she complied.

While massaging her upper body, he then asked her to remove her underwear, and she granted his request.

As he continued the massage and reached her private areas, he proposed performing oral sex on her and without waiting for her response, he proceeded to do so.

He then inserted his fingers without her consent.

She thereafter reported the matter to the police and he was subsequently charged with two counts of serious indecency.

According to reports, the police obtained audio recordings of the accused apologising to the complainant for his actions.

The audio and other pieces of evidence were presented before Magistrate Dane Hamilton earlier this week during the committal proceedings and the case was sent up to the High Court.

The accused will be called to answer to the charges before a Judge anytime from September.

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