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Case against man accused of attempting to kill co-worker adjourned

By Latrishka Thomas

November 19 is the new date when the Villa youth accused of attempting to murder his co-worker will find out if his case will be sent up to the higher Court.

Youseff Dion McDougal made his third appearance in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday with the hope of learning if there is enough evidence against him to commit his matter to the next assizes.

However, the matter was again adjourned.

The 30-year-old man was charged in connection with the stabbing of Shakiel Joseph on May 6,2021.

Joseph, of Tindale Road, received multiple stab wounds about his body with the most serious one to his chest, causing major damage to his heart.

The victim, whose 24th birthday was two days after the incident, was also said to have been wounded in his back and diaphragm.

Based on reports, the wounds were allegedly inflicted during an altercation in the Golden Grove area while both men were on the job.

Joseph and McDougal are both employees of the National Solid Waste Management Authority.


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