Case against female murder accused adjourned again

Murder accused, Brittany Jno-Baptiste (Observer file photo by Latrishka Thomas). Canadian-born Finch had lived in Antigua for more than four decades (Facebook photo)
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The case against the woman accused of killing Piccadilly resident Jane Finch has been adjourned until November 30.

Finch was found dead on October 4 2021, shortly after calling the Dockyard Police Station and posting a desperate plea for help on Facebook, saying an intruder was in the process of breaking into her home.

Brittany Jno-Baptiste, the now 22-year-old woman who was reportedly found at the scene when police entered the house and discovered Finch’s body with multiple stab wounds, was charged in connection with the tragic incident.

It is said that when the police arrived at Finch’s home the attack had already occurred, but Jno-Baptiste was still in the house and was subsequently charged with burglarising Finch’s home but not for murder.

During yesterday’s hearing in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court, it was determined that Jno-Baptiste’s attorney, Wendel Robinson, was yet to be served the files so the case can proceed.

The investigator told the court that the files would be available and served to Robinson before the end of the year.

In an initial report presented to the court in January, psychiatrist Dr James King – who deemed Jno-Baptiste to be suffering from a psychological disorder – recommended that she receive six months of treatment before being re-evaluated so that the way forward could be determined.

However, the most recent psychiatric evaluation declared Jno-Baptiste to be fit to stand trial.

She was therefore slapped with the murder charge and appeared before the St John’s Magistrate’s Court last month.

In June, Finch’s sister, Joanna Finch, told Observer that the family would “wait patiently” and that they retained faith in the system.

“We are united as a family. We are very strong and feel grateful for the support we are getting from Antigua and Jane’s friends all over the world,” she said.

“There’s a lot of love that’s come forward because of Jane’s death and we are grateful for that and we believe justice will be served.”

Canadian-born Finch had lived in Antigua for more than four decades.

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