Case adjourned against man accused of robbing couple in Botanical Gardens

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

August 18 is the new date when a couple is expected to learn if the man they believe robbed them at gunpoint in the Botanical Gardens will be put before a High Court judge to answer to the charges.

A man and his girlfriend were reportedly accosted by Trevor Chance on the night of April 16 2021 while they were passing through the gardens at the East Bus Station from their Skerritts Pasture home.

Chance, of All Saints, reportedly appeared from some bushes with his face covered and armed with a handgun.

He is said to have pointed the gun at the man’s chest and ordered him to run.

The man began walking away when the defendant reportedly asked the girlfriend to give him all of her money and valuables.

She allegedly gave him $600 and he subsequently let her go.

Soon after, the woman reportedly ran to the nearby public library and called the police before she and her partner began to follow the defendant.

They were apparently able to see Chance’s face after he removed his mask on Nellie Robinson Street.

Police investigations led to Chance being arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and assault with intent to rob.

The 29-year-old accused appeared in court yesterday for the second time but his committal hearing was adjourned.

In the meantime, Chance is behind bars since magistrates cannot grant bail for aggravated robbery.

However, he can attempt to obtain bail in the High Court.

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