Carnival has a leadership problem, Parker says

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A number of recommendations have been forthcoming to rectify the various issues that plague the country’s carnival celebrations.
Former senator, Malaka Parker, told OBSERVER media yesterday that problems affecting carnival can be traced right back to the hierarchy of government.
“Whether it’s the late starts or the mismanagement of shows and alike, we are saying that it starts at the top. It starts first with the government, their policy, their plan, the minister in particular, those that sit at the head of the carnival committee and the festivals commission,” Parker said.
She added that once leadership issues are addressed then a number of the smaller management symptoms which she referred to as by-products of the larger issue of not having a proper plan in place, can be made better.
Parker also recommended a healthy rotation of members that serve on the various committees so that we can have the infusion of youth and ideas to refresh what is being brought to the table year after year.
Parker also encouraged the Minister of Culture, E P Chet Greene, to stick to his word that the incoming chairman of the festivals commission be selected on merit and on their five year vision for the festival.
At the same time, she highlighted that the summer festival lacks structure and it is the role of the government and the policy makers to have a five year plan for festivals.
Many people expressed their disappointment in the 2017 carnival festivities especially since it marked the 60th anniversary

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