Carlisle Bay robbery as it is on tape

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Video footage of the robbery at Carlisle Bay has been leaked, showing that the incident went down in about seven minutes as the armed bandit pointed a weapon and two employees packed cash in bags which they tossed across the floor towards the intruder.
In the two video clips circulating on social media, the cameras are focused on several areas of the Old Road property, to include an office, accounts department, main gate among other places.
At about 12:40 p.m. on June 30, one video shows the workers opening a safe, which took a considerable time, and then overturning trays of money into bags.
But, initially, the robber is nowhere near them or in view of the camera.
The bandit eventually emerges in a semi-creeping position, head down, to grab the bags of money from the floor and then the workers run away from the safe towards that person.
The robber appears to be clad in dark clothing, wearing gloves and something white was on the individual’s face and head.
As the two workers run from the safe, they, alobg qitg the robber, all disappear from that room and one worker emerges outside the building 56 seconds later in the parking lot and proceeds to a parked car.
Then, 15 seconds later, the robber emerges from the same door and goes to the same vehicle in which the worker had entered.
It appears that it is the worker who was the one who drove off and they traveled towards a closed gate. The car is stalled at the gate which remains closed. Then, someone approaches the vehicle but quickly retreats when the robber jumps from the rear, left passenger seat and points what appears to be a gun.
The gate is then opened 30 seconds later and the vehicle races out the compound even while the robber’s door is not yet closed.
It was earlier disclosed by police that a female employee was taken from the hotel and she was released shortly after the incident in the Fig Tree Drive area.
The stolen getaway vehicle, which belonged to another manager at the hotel, was found abandoned in Sawcolts the same afternoon as police deployed several units to comb the island for the criminal who continues to evade them.
Sources close to the matter said tens of thousands of dollars was taken from the safe and it appeared the robber knew his way around the building and even the position of the cameras which he avoided. Workers have been speculatino from the onset that the robbery might have been “an inside job.”
A wanted bulletin has since been issued for Anthony Govia of Freeman’s Village whose friend works at the hotel.
The police have described Govia as armed and dangerous.
Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is urged to call the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 4643938 or to call 911.

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