Carjacking Suspect Arrested After Turning Himself In

One man has been charged, another released and a third remains hospitalised as police continue their probe into last month’s robbery and carjacking, which involved a high speed chase and shoot-out between police and bandits.

Jason Collin Millette, aka “Red Man” will appear in court today charged with the theft of a Toyota Yaris, valued at $69,999, property of a Browne’s Avenue resident, a Motorola cellular phone worth $1,500, a mobile Cingular edition 8125 cellular phone valued at $2,500, in addition to $2,100 cash.

Millette, a resident of Gray’s Farm, turned himself in to police on December 30, after the media reported that day that he was wanted in connection with the offences.  The accused was reportedly accompanied by an attorney.

Another man who was caught on the scene where the shootout occurred, according to police reports, is still at Mount St John’s Medical Centre where he is receiving treatment for injuries to his nose and ankle.

Meantime, the other suspect who was picked up the following day as he attempted to leave Antigua for Barbuda, on a fishing boat, has since been released pending further investigations.

No one has yet been charged for shooting at the police.

At about 9 pm, Tuesday December 22, two men robbed the Browne’s avenue man and his family of the above-mentioned items and fled the scene in the man’s car. They, according to reports, picked up a third man and fled the area.

However, after a report was made to police, lawmen spotted the men speeding away in the vehicle. A chase ensued and the bandits reportedly opened fire on the cops, shattering the windshield of the patrol vehicle.

The chase ended in Golden Grove after the criminals abandoned the car, entered an unoccupied house and continued shooting at the cops. Two of the men escaped but one was caught as he attempted to jump a galvanize fence but was injured in the process.

He was nabbed and taken to the hospital.

The police are again expressing gratitude to the public for their assistance with the case.