“CaribShopper, The Caribbean Online Shopping Solution“

Shopping online isn’t something novel anymore, in fact, for most people it’s almost second nature. However, if you live in the Caribbean, then you know it’s an entire production. The Caribbean reality often looks something like this: purchase online, ship to Miami or to a friend, and pray that you know someone who is coming home and who can afford you some space in their carryon. And we’ve all heard those freight forwarder nightmares of how the price ‘magically’ changed once the goods arrived, and all that money you thought you saved during the online ‘SALE’ worked out to be nothing as the final price ended up being tripled.

This is where CaribShopper comes in. Suppose there was a safe, secure platform that allowed you to purchase your goods online and have them delivered to your front door at the ‘SAME’ final price you purchased them for? Well that’s what CaribShopper does. Simply go online to Caribshopper.com, watch the instructional video and sign up. Membership is free. The CaribShopper App allows members to shop directly from a supplier’s page. Simply go about purchasing online as you normally would. Once you’ve added the goods to your cart click on the CaribShopper icon at the top of your page and purchase the goods through the Caribshopper checkout counter. This ensures that you aren’t charged US taxes, and that the goods are marked for Caribbean delivery. After all, why should you pay US taxes and you aren’t even American?

CaribShopper has even gone a step further and developed this app for your iOS or Android based smart phones. This truly means you can literally shop from anywhere. CaribShopper was designed for the Caribbean Consumer by developers who understood the Caribbean dilemma. With access to over 90 popular US retailers such as: Victoria’s Secret, Armani, American Eagle, Bloomingdales, DSW and select auto parts stores, no hidden charges or fees, no US taxes, no additional landed fees, and delivery right to your doorstep, it’s would be hard to imagine living in the Caribbean and shopping online any other way.

“Now you can take advantage of those big sales holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day and Independence,” says lead developer and CaribShopper CEO Kadion Preston.

And just in case you missed it earlier YES THEY DELIVER TO YOUR CARIBBEAN ADDRESS! If you have family abroad who shop for you, make sure to introduce them to CaribShopper and save them some money and hassle.
I don’t know about you, but with the holidays so close I know where I’ll be doing my shopping.

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