Caribbean Helicopters workers say they are ‘beyond frustrated’

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Employees contracted by Caribbean Helicopters Limited (CHL) have said they are tired of the non-action from their employers. The diverse group of employees, some who have been employed to CHL for more than 10 years, explained that it is now nine months since they have been last paid.

They have been venting their frustration with the entire situation at CHL for a while and now, and yesterday they told OBSERVER media that enough is enough.

Abuse, neglect, fraud, negligence, dishonesty are some of the terms the workers used to describe the action – or inaction in some cases – of the leadership of CHL, by staff who have long passed a state of disgruntlement.

They have hired a lawyer as a group, who has been liaising with a worker’s union on their behalf. However, according to them, this action has not proven very fruitful, as they are still just waiting aimlessly.

The staff members also claim that they have had to seek alternate jobs to maintain their day-to-day lives, while still being legally employed by CHL. This has had an adverse effect on their employment, and they are unable to accept jobs at the airport due to their CHL affiliation.

They are also very displeased with several other issues that have arisen over the course of the past few months.

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