Car rental company to provide more evidence in court case

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By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

The management of a local car rental company must submit more information to the High Court so that a judgement can be made with regards to a three-year long dispute.

Budget Car Rental’s Assistant General Manager Terry Roberts took the stand yesterday where he claimed that two men, Kyle Thomas and Cody Thomas, allegedly caused damage to a vehicle which they rented in May 2018. Roberts also alleged that the damage sustained to the vehicle include an oil leak and an abnormal sound in the engine when the vehicle is turned on.

Additionally, Roberts said that he believes that the damage was caused by reckless driving as he allegedly caught the two men speeding in the rental in Bendals.

However, Justice Ann-Marie Smith told Roberts that speeding would not cause the type of damage he claimed happened to the vehicle more than three years ago. Roberts said that the mechanic found these issues after he recovered the vehicle from the defendants.

When Justice Smith asked Roberts for an estimate to cover the cost of repairs for the vehicle in question, he did not have one to submit to the court.

Defence Attorney Leon Chaku Symister, who represented both of the accused, then asked if the mechanic diagnosed the damage to the vehicle, but Roberts indicated that he had been advised by the mechanic to wait until the court case was over.

Symister argued that the information submitted to the court was not substantial to make an informed decision and Justice Smith agreed with the defence.

Justice Smith then ordered Roberts to get an estimated cost for the repairs so that it can be entered into evidence before a judgement can be made.

The case has been adjourned until January 25, 2022.

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