Car dealers want government to review policies on used car imports

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Car dealers in the country are again trying to convince the government to review policies on the importation of used cars older than five years old.
Representatives of a newly formed car dealers group made the request during a special meeting of Cabinet on Wednesday to which they were invited.
Lionel “Max” Hurst, chief of staff, said the group made the argument based on what they said was a reduction in new car sales that will negatively affect the benefits to the economy.
He said while they provided documentation and statistics during the meeting, they failed to provide evidence to show how the importation of used cars have impacted negatively on the sale of new cars.
Cabinet has asked the dealers to return with such documentation before consideration is given.
“The Cabinet is of the view that many of the people who purchase used cars from Japan are not able to purchase new cars in Antigua and as a consequence, there may be no connection at all. In fact, we are almost certain that that is the case. But if they have evidence then they ought to make that case and the Cabinet has to consider what course of action will be taken,” Hurst said.
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