Candlelight vigil for homicide victim

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This Friday, family, friends, and supporters of the country’s second homicide victim, Carissa Chandler, will attend a candlelight vigil in her honour, three and a-half weeks after she was gunned down in the apartment she shared with her now murder- accused boyfriend.

The event is scheduled to be held from 6:30 pm at Ffryes Beach, according to a notice posted on social media by family members of the deceased.
The notice also indicated that the details of Chandler’s burial would be revealed later.

Efforts to reach the relatives for more information about the vigil and funeral have been futile.

Scores residents have been extending condolences to the family since the May 23rd incident, and the victim’s mother, Cathy Daley Chandler, has since expressed gratitude for the outpouring of sympathy.

She wrote on Facebook, “Thank you all for your kind sentiments and wishes. It has been a very difficult and dark time for my family and I but your words mean a lot to us. [Though] I own a Facebook account I have not used it in a long time, so please accept my apologies!”

Daley Chandler offered some advice to young people.
“Be careful of the person(s) you let into your heart and life. Trust your gut instincts; they’re usually right. Listen to your parents and make sense of what they say. Their words usually come from a place of love and for your benefit! Give yourself time to ponder WHY they are advising you and then make your decision,” she said.

“Don’t be too hasty to embrace the teller of ‘sweet words’. Predators come in all forms. Guard your life and your future from those who would seek to control you or alienate you from those who love you. They have their own agenda and it’s for their own selfish purpose and not for your good. I’ve lost my daughter to an alleged predator and how I wish she’d listened to us and trusted her gut instinct.”

In the post, she added, “How I wish she could have seen that mom, dad, friends and others only meant well when they warned her about her choice of partner. Not only has an unfair price been paid, but we have ALL LOST dearly!”

Carissa Chandler was shot during the early morning hours of May 23, allegedly during an argument with Tedson Knowles, her partner. The incident occurred in their New Winthorpes home, and Knowles reportedly rushed the 29-year-old woman to the hospital, and told lawmen they had been attacked and robbed, and that she was shot by the offender.

Reports from residents who heard a gunshot coming from the apartment, as well as other evidence, led to 44-year-old Knowles being charged with murder and he is now on remand awaiting his committal.

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