Cancellation of cricket competition is an easy decision says Benjamin

Coordinator of Schools Football and a member of the Liberta Sports Club, Rowan Benjamin
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By Carlena Knight

Following the revelation by cricket boss Leon “Kuma” Rodney that a decision on the Two-day competition is not in sight another sporting official has come forward to say that the decision is quite an easy one.

On Tuesday, Rodney, who was a guest on the Good Morning JoJo Sports Show, added that he had given the cricket competitions committee the directive to deliberate and make a recommendation, but to date, nothing had been received.

Rowan “Porridge” Benjamin who is the head coach of the defending Antigua Premier League (APL) champions PIC Liberta Blackhawks Football Club and the School’s Football coordinator, believes that there is no difficulty in cancelling the Two-Day competition as they have two other competitions to focus on unlike the Antigua Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) that had to cancel an entire season.

“I don’t think the difficulty is really with the cancellation of the season. What the Cricket Association is looking basically at is one of their competitions, the Two-Day competition. Clearly, a decision can be made in terms of the Two-Day competition. They have at least two more competitions, so they can cancel this Two-Day league and then look forward to perhaps maybe look at the end of April, maybe even the end of May to see if we can get in those other two competitions. They still have time that they can complete even one competition, either the 40 overs or 20 overs.”

His statement comes amidst speculation that the current 30-day ban on all domestic sporting activities will more-than-likely be extended due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The competition, which was postponed in March, saw Jennings Cricket Club after five rounds leading, followed by Empire Nation in second, and PIC Liberta Blackhawks in third. 

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