Cameron: WICB Rebranding Will Ensure Commercial Viability

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The President of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dave Cameron, has labelled a decision to re-name the organisation a necessary one if the institution is to remain commercially viable.
Cameron, on Thursday, confirmed reports that the WICB will now be known as Cricket West Indies while an entity named Windies had also been created to deal with the commercial aspect of the operation.
The move, the controversial Jamaican administrator said, seeks to separate the commercial and political sides of the operation.
“We’re actually creating a commercial brand as well [because] it is very important in our minds to separate the corporate and, I’d like to call it, the political side of West Indies cricket from the commercial side. I think we get caught up a lot of times in the politics, and we want to create a more business oriented board; so it’s actually two companies we’ve created. Cricket West Indies will be our corporate brand and Windies will be the commercial brand,” he said.
The WICB has been criticised as having an “obsolete governance framework” which did not “prioritise accountability and transparency”.
However, according to Cameron, the new set-up would also serve to bring the body in line with modern practices.
“Most importantly, one of the reasons for moving away from the board is because every time we make a decision, we say the board, and the board is the secretariat to cricket in the entire West Indies as well as the board of directors,” he said.
“Sometimes, a lot of our directors also take it personally because they are bombarded with calls asking how come the board didn’t do this and the board didn’t know about that and, in keeping with the rest of the world that have moved away the board, we are just moving with the modern times,” he added.
Cameron, who has remained unmoved in the face of the heavy criticism, said the governing body would continue to make necessary changes to remain relevant.
The Jamaican has, however, faced pressure over the last year to scrap the body known as the WICB and replace it with an entity.

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