Cameron bats for WIPA and WICB healing

St. John’s Antigua- Newly elected head of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron, says that repairing the somewhat strained relationship between the board and its players is high on his agenda as one of the more pressing issues to be addressed during his first few months in office.

Cameron, who previously served as vice president to Julian Hunte, said that following planned meetings with his board, he would channel his energies towards restoring WIPA’s faith in the regional body.

“The plan is to have a couple of workshops that will try and get my directors into, I believe, the new way of thinking of how businesses are run and the fact that we need partnerships rather than the WICB secretariat in Antigua trying to accomplish everything so that would be my major task at this point,” he said.

“Additionally, we really want to start having a serious agreement with our players and in that stead I have actually moved ahead and have had a discussion with Wavell Hinds, the president (of WIPA) and I think we are on the right path. I hope it is the turning point for less contentious arrangements.

“So the idea is trying to forge a relationship and in this period where the contracts have been terminated, is to give our players some assurance that we will not be doing anything in duress to their situation. We want to have a partnership with our players and that’s what we are looking at,” Cameron added.

The Jamaican said also that sub-regional boards would have their part to play in the overall development of the game and its young players. Cameron suggested that these boards would become accountable to WICB.

“One of the things I said about accountability is that all member territories would have to submit audited financial statements to the WICB annually before we will be giving any funding to them. Additional to the financial statements there will be planned programmes … and also a report on what you have been able to accomplish during the year. So that’s what we are talking about – accountability – and it’s not just going to be business as usual,” Cameron said.

“At the same time, I am saying that the way we are going to get West Indies cricket to where we all want it to be is that they have to become more involved in the actual development of our players.”

Cameron is hoping also to utilise his background in business in convincing the corporate world to invest more in West Indies cricket.

“Our commercial side of the business has been struggling. We have lost most of our sponsors and so that was one of the reasons or the catalyst I felt that I could bring to the whole structure and really create a proper industry in my mind called cricket in the region and so that was one of the reasons why I felt that this time was more opportune than any other to take on the ascendancy,” he said.

Cameron won by a vote of 7-5 during the WICB elections last Wednesday in Barbados.

His running mate Emmanuel Nanthan, the Windward Islands Cricket Board chief, took the post of vice president after beating Barbados Cricket Association president Joel Garner, 8-4.

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