Calypso monarch crowd resurging

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Chairperson of the Calypso sub-committee Dion Simmons, expressed his excitement with the attendance of patrons at this year’s calypso monarch competition.
“Between Saturday and Tuesday, a lot of folks kept telling me, please let them keep it on Friday because there was quite a number of patrons who came out to listen to some good calypso. I think the numbers speak for themselves. The numbers … looked much better than last year,” Simmons said, reflecting on the well-attended production in an interview on OBSERVER media yesterday
He added that the decision to move the show from Sunday night to Friday night was met with considerable resistance from the calypso committee and calypsonians. He said in life there is usually resistance to change. Simmons credited Maurice Merchant, chairman of the festivals commission, for making the decision. He said that as a representative of the commission and sub-committee chairman he was willing to accept any day designated for the event.
He said that it is now time for all stakeholders to get together and perform a postmortem of the calypso monarch show in an attempt to make the necessary improvements where possible. Simmons admitted that he was not sure if he would be returning as chairperson of the sub-committee in 2019. He said at the moment he is tired and might just take a break. He expressed his intention to speak to his supervisors in order to arrive at a decision in that regard.
Simmons posited that this is a time for much needed reflection by the festivals committee so as to plan the way forward and one key factor they should observe is the number of patrons who attended the show and the fact that most seem to prefer the show being held on the Friday night.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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