Calls for help to locate missing teen

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The distraught mother of 13-year-old Evertonia Walsh, who has been missing since January 3, has issued a desperate plea for help from the public in locating her whereabouts.

Brenda Henry said she has not slept much since the teenager left for school but never returned.

She said she has received calls that the teen has been spotted in specific villages but by the time a search is conducted they come up empty-handed.

“It’s really taking a toll on us. I have lost sleep and have lost my appetite; I just want her to return home safe. Her father is not taking it easy at all. She is just 13 years old, we just want her to come home,” Henry told OBSERVER media yesterday.

She was supported by the police who made a similar plea.

Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas said the public’s assistance is crucial at this time.

“We continue to appeal to the public for assistance in having her returned home or in police custody. So far the police would have followed several leads and bits and pieces of information about where she was reportedly seen and have also even warrants have been executed at some of these places,” Thomas said.

The police officer also reminded the public that it is a crime to harbour a juvenile and the offence carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail.

This is the second time in two months that the teenager has been reported missing.

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