Call for Antigua & Barbuda to lower the speed limit

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The head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent Leonard Cabral, is in support of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), which has called for Caribbean countries to legislate lower speed limits.
According to PAHO, 17 countries in the Americas have already set maximum speed limits of less than 50 km per hour, and the body has suggested that more countries should follow suit, as doing so would be the key to saving lives.
It added that in order to be effective and save live, the laws on speed limits must be accompanied by strict compliance.
According to Superintendent Cabral, “Our highest speed is 40 miles [per hour], which is 62 km, so I believe that the government of Antigua & Barbuda should follow suit with this initiative. This will ease some of the accidents, because most are caused by speeding. Even if the speed limit is 62 km, motorists still [exceed] it, especially the younger ones.”
When asked what penalties are meted out to motorists who fail to follow the law, Cabral told OBSERVER media, “We are sometimes on the road with our radar guns and if they are caught exceeding the speed limit they are ticketed a fine of $200. Then we will take them to court and the magistrate will use discretion.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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