Cabinet to audit ADOMS building cost overrun

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Cabinet has had enough of the massive cost overrun regarding the retrofitting of the ADOMS building.
Melford Nicholas, minister of telecommunications, made the statement during the post cabinet media briefing yesterday.
“The cabinet’s patience has been worn thin,” the minister said. “There has to be a thorough review of this project once it is complete. We would not want to stop the project even at this stage to be able to engage in a forensic audit that may be necessary to accomplish a thorough review.”
He added that the cabinet is very interested in finding out if anything untoward was responsible for the inflated cost of the building. Minister Nicholas further stated that any person or group of persons who would have been engaged in any profiteering or any type of harm that would have resulted in additional cost to the public purse would be held to account.
The broadcasting and telecommunications minister added that he is not accusing anyone of maleficence with regards to the overrun but the matter is seen as something that cabinet definitely needs to look into. He acknowledged that refinancing of the building is responsible for some of the extra cost as well as the retrofitting of the inside of the building to what the cabinet has envisioned.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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