Cabinet outlines guidelines to govern holiday season

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Cabinet has reiterated its policy that all commercial activity on Christmas Eve will end at 8pm. Only essential services may continue past that hour.

Gasoline stations and pharmacies are the essential services that may go beyond 8pm. Churches are allowed to continue their worship services past midnight on these two nights but must end in time to allow worshippers to return home by 1am, on both Christmas eve and Old Year’s Night/New Year’s Day.

Private parties are limited to 10 persons only and are to end before 11pm, when the regular curfew hours begin.

Beaches are open on the holidays for limited hours from 5am to 1pm on the three holidays that are on the calendar, to include Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

Some consideration is being given to expanding the hours to 3pm.

Boxing Day, the Cabinet decided, will be celebrated on Monday, December 28, to be confirmed by a Governor General proclamation.

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