Cabinet awaits police investigation into alleged sexual assault

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Information Minister Melford Nicholas said that the Cabinet is waiting for the completion of a police investigation into allegations that a Member of Parliament (MP) sexually assaulted an 18-year-old girl before it addresses the matter.
“This is a matter of concern,” Nicholas said. “The matter has already been out in the public that there is an accusation of sexual misconduct [and] the government is concerned about this. But given the nature of the accusation and the process that is involved, it is a matter that the police is investigating and the government will await the completion of the investigation of the police.”
The minister said the results of the investigation will allow Cabinet “to make a determination one way or the other as to the veracity of the accusations. I think at that particular point in time [at the conclusion of the investigation] it would be prudent for the Cabinet or even the government to address its mind to whatever responses may become necessary.”
A report of sexual assault was filed against a sitting MP who allegedly fondled a young woman on April 6. The incident reportedly occurred at a gathering after a funeral where it is alleged several eyewitnesses intervened.
It is also alleged that the young woman, who was hired to serve food at the event, immediately expressed disgust and told her close relatives of the incident. Sources said the family was at first fearful to come forward given the public position of the
man who allegedly assaulted the young woman who had recently moved to Antigua.
The Sexual Offences Act bars the publication of the names of the victim and the accused. Only if convicted or permission is given to the media, can the accused man’s name be disclosed.

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