Cabinet approves increased water production

These photos of Potworks Dam, Antigua and Barbuda’s main source of surface water, were taken in December 2021. (Photo by Elesha George)
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The General Manager of APUA alongside two supervisors responsible for managing the 52 valves that determine where and for how long water flows were invited to this week’s Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

With the advice and agreement of the APUA General Manager, Cabinet made the decision to increase the number of persons on each shift responsible for water valves from two persons to eight.

Shift employees will be sourced internally from APUA.

It was also reported that the demand for potable water continues to increase despite production reaching 6.2 gallons due to drought conditions.

Cabinet says several plants have been upgraded by changing membranes and filters and by increasing the amount of potable water available.

Until rain showers provide surface-water relief, APUA will have to produce more potable water and more storage tanks have been received, six from Venezuela, and two that are not connected will be commissioned shortly.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez reported that six hotels requested permission to place Reverse Osmosis plants on their properties.

The Cabinet notes further state hotels consume significant quantities of potable water and the Cabinet has given permission for these hotels to construct their own R/O plants. Hotels have long had standby electricity plants on their properties; several hope to have non-renewable energy sources to substitute for fossil fuel.

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