Cabinet approves establishment of offshore medical school

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The Cabinet has approved the establishment of a medical school in the territory.

Myron Walwyn

According to Education Minister Myron Walwyn, the University of Science Arts and Technology (USAT) – an offshore private educational facility, will train students and provide degrees in medicine, surgery, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, and public health.
The Education Minister  did not say when the school will begin operations, but said it intends to start by enrolling approximately 200 students before expanding the student population.
“The school is very eager to be here,I know they’ve been on the ground looking for properties from which to operate and so forth, and we are going to do the best we can to facilitate them to get them operating as quickly as possible,” Walwyn said.
Institutions such as USAT are able to operate here based on the   Higher Education Licensing Act, a law implemented in 2016.
The Act has allowed for what is known as a ‘Higher Education Licensing Board’ to be established.

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