Byers uncertain of football future

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By Neto Baptiste
National footballer Peter Byers, has signalled that he could leave the game following the 2017/18 domestic season.
Speaking with Observer media this week, the 33-year-old Byers who plays for former champions Sugar Ridge SAP in the football association’s Premier Division, said that injury continues to make it difficult for him to give 100 percent on the field of play.
“I know I am not to the fitness as yet because I have a problem with my knee but other than that everything is okay. In terms of the Benna Boys, I haven’t finalised anything with that [whether or not I will keep playing] as yet but we will see how that goes,” he said.
The forward, who had been one of the country’s most popular international player for the past 15 years, has struggled over the years to dominate in the top flight and has, on many occasions, played off the bench for the Antigua and Barbuda Benna Boys.
Byers said he could channel his energies in a different direction.
“Right now I am stepping into coaching some kids and maybe, if not playing for SAP, I think may play for a second team in Bolans so I am just playing to the best of my ability right now and see how that goes and then I could tell the future from that,” he said.
Byers played for Trinidad’s San Juan Jabloteh in 2007/8 before moving to the United Soccer League (USL) with the Montreal Impacts in 2008 to 2010.

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