Businessman to donate fire truck as thanks to firefighters who saved his warehouse

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Firefighters have been praised for their handling of Saturday’s blaze (Photos by Johnny Jno-Baptiste)
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The owner of furniture store El Caribe Decor in Donovans has promised to donate a fire truck to the Antigua and Barbuda Fire Brigade as a gift for what he said was their quick response and hard work in putting out a blaze that almost burnt down his entire warehouse.

The fire broke out at Fausto Fattarelli’s premises on Saturday, with the fire department receiving the call at around 1.14pm, according to the department’s spokesman Inspector Lester Bagot.

“On arrival, the crew met thick black smoke and fire emitting from the building. Water was used from the number 15 fire truck to control and extinguish the fire.

“The crew received water delivery back-up from Hugh Christian water delivery service,” Bagot reported Sunday.

He said information from an employee is that while they were working they smelled smoke, and upon investigation, saw fire and tried to use an extinguisher but failed.

“The fire got out of control but damage to the property was limited to the back storeroom. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown,” Inspector Bagot said.

Italian businessman and developer Fattarelli told Observer last night, “They saved my warehouse so I decided to donate a truck to the department.

“I will meet with them Monday and see if we can get one from America or maybe Italy.

“The damage was not too much because they did a very good job and managed to handle the fire.

“The damage was just to a few doors and windows – things we can replace,” he added.

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