Businessman humiliated while attempting to board a flight

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The alleged break down in communication between police departments and the court led to what has been described as an embarrassing and humiliating experience for businessman Rey John, who is on bail in a shooting case.
OBSERVER media was reliably informed that John was pulled from the flight by a police officer who seemingly did not know that the courts had granted John permission to travel, pending his court case.
His previous bail conditions did not allow him to leave the island because he had to surrender his passport and report to a police station several days a week.
With John being a businessman, his attorney applied for his original bail to be varied so he could travel, a source confirmed to OBSERVER media. And an order was granted to include the deposit of a further $5,000, which will be returned to him when he returns to Antigua.
It’s understood that John had cleared immigration, cleared security and boarded the flight when he was approached by an officer reportedly acting on instructions from the police top brass.
Our newsroom was informed that at least twice, John told the officer that he had permission to travel.
 He also reportedly showed the cop the permission from the court.
The matter was eventually sorted out with John being allowed back on the plane.
The Acting Police Commissioner, Atlee Rodney, confirmed the incident saying that the police force did not know that the bail conditions had changed.
He declined to say how they knew the man was on the flight.
The businessman is out on $35,000 bail awaiting trial for a shooting that left one man injured on July 27, 2018.

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