Businessman charged with shooting with intent

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The businessman who allegedly shot Aiden “Muscle” Russell, who is said to be mentally ill, is expected in court today.
Last evening, the police announced that they charged Bertsfield Smitten who owns and operates Ounces Ice Cream Parlour and Grill in Parham with shooting with intent to murder.
Russell was shot twice in the abdomen on the night of September 14 and up to last evening the police said he was still in the Intensive Care Unit. His condition was listed as “stable.”
His liver was damaged and he underwent emergency surgery.
Smitten, of Carty’s Hill, is scheduled to go before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court this morning, the police confirmed..
At about 9 p.m. Friday, Russell allegedly walked into the business place at Parham and confronted the owner, Smitten, telling him, “Come me come and kill you.”
There was a confrontation and Smitten was allegedly struck on the head while Russell was shot, allegedly by Smitten who is the holder of a licensed firearm.
A witness called 911 and then Parham police were summoned, along with Emergency Medical Services.
Both Smithem and Russell were taken to hospital by the police and ambulance respectively.
Smitten was later detained for questioning by the police and remained in custody up to last evening.

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