Business owners report several break-ins across the island

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Several businesses were targeted by thieves over the weekend, including one owned by St. John’s Rural West MP Londel Benjamin, who lamented that criminals have no respect for anyone’s property.

Benjamin told OBSERVER media that, on Friday evening, he left his Accounting and Financial Services company – located on Newgate Lane – locked and secured. However, on Monday when staff returned for work, they discovered some appliances missing from the office, including a microwave and an electronic kettle. When they examined the building, they did not find any intruder(s) and the police were called in.

“We only observed it yesterday [Monday] morning and the police came. I called them yesterday [Monday] morning, and they came and did what they had to do, and I am now waiting for the results,” he said.

He said the lawmen took photographs of the scene and dusted for fingerprints with the hope of catching the perpetrator(s) using their database. Benjamin said his team is also investigating, which includes reviewing footage from surveillance cameras at the building. “I am trying to get my technician to roll back so we can see what actually happened and how they got in,” he added.

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