Burnt body of unidentified male found in Yeptons area

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Police are still working to determine the identity of a male body that was discovered in a burnt white Noah van around 1:45 am yesterday.
The body and vehicle were found on a dirt road in the Yeptons area in the vicinity of Pensioners Corner.
The police say they were conducting mobile patrols in the area when they came across the burnt vehicle with the body on the front passenger seat.
Up until the time of going to press, police sources said they were following several leads which may result in the positive identification of the man.
According to sources close to the investigation, the man is believed to be a soldier attached to the Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF).
Our newsroom also learnt that the vehicle is registered to someone residing in Bendals Village.
A credible source, who did not wish to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, acknowledged that an ABDF soldier went out on a 48-hour leave and should have reported back for duty yesterday morning and so far, that soldier has not shown up.
The source further revealed that according to military regulations the soldier has up to 36 hours before he is declared (AWOL) – absent without leave.
The 36 hours would end by 6 pm today.
The source said it is not yet known if the soldier in question is in anyway linked to yesterday’s discovery.
Police say they will have to take DNA samples and other forensics overseas in order to identify the body which was burnt beyond recognition.
They also noted that the police administration has to be in good financial standing with the overseas lab to ensure the timely delivery of the results.
Investigators also say there were no reports of any recent missing person that fit the description of the burnt body that was found in the vehicle.
The only person unaccounted for this year is Craig Richards who went missing in March.

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