Burn victim recovering

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David Prince may seem like the typical two-year-old, super inquisitive and energetic, but his story continues to touch the heart of many.
The toddler, who celebrated his birthday in December, lost his mother and older brother in a deadly blaze that destroyed his family’s Jennings home.
One a few months old at the time, Prince escaped the blaze with burns to his hands and face.
In updating the public on his son’s progress, Eddy Prince said the toddler has had two corrective surgeries on his hands so far.
“The last surgery was to release the wrist on his left hand. Because of the scars, he could not move his left arm. We are going back to the U.S. shortly to do the two pinky fingers. The one on the left healed broken, and the doctors think they can repair it. The pinky on the right has started to bend back, and they also think they can repair it,” he said.
Speaking on the Voice of the People, Eddy said it has been challenging financially because, while in the U.S., his monthly obligations were still adding up.
He added that it was the GoFundMe David Prince Medical Fund account that provided the financial cushion he needed to meet his monthly rent and utilities.
  Prince said that the hospital is funding the cost of the surgery and also provided air and land transport from Rhode Island to the medical facility in Boston.
Eddy was also injured when fire engulfed the house he shared with Gayann Williams, her two sons and his daughter.
Williams and her older son Jayden both died while overseas receiving medical treatment for burns.
David and his dad are travelling back to the U.S. on April 9.

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