Burma Quarry workers request meeting with PM

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Disgruntled workers at the Burma Quarry are taking their concerns to the highest level, as they have requested an audience with Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Monday.

In a passionate plea, the quarry’s union shop steward, Michal Peters, said the prime minister might be the only one who understands their plight and “the only one that can fix this”.

The quarrymen have been engaged in a go-slow and work-to-rule for over three weeks to press for the payment of overtime that has been outstanding for a whole year.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Works, Lennox Weston, said that after dealing with some errors in the accounting, the money would be paid over the next three months. However, the workers are of the view that this time frame is a further and unacceptable delay.

The men are therefore appealing to the Prime Minister to meet with them to discuss the matter of overtime pay, and many other grievances they have.

One of the issues, according to the aggrieved workers, is that their lunch room has been under construction for two years and this has forced them to eat in a room where electrical wires are loose.

In addition, Peters claimed, they are in need of protective clothing.

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