Burglars steal food from pre-school

Principal Cheryl Phillip surveys the empty fridge which had been full of food to feed the children. (Photo by Shahein Fitzpatrick)
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Story and photos by Shahein Fitzpatrick

After celebrating an enjoyable Independence weekend, principal, children and staff of the Sir Luther Winter Preschool, returned to a ransacked building on Tuesday.

Cheryl Phillip, the principal and supervisor of the school, told Observer, “When we returned, we realised that the school had been broken into; when we went to check, they did a clean-out of the school.”

Principal Cheryl Phillip surveys the window through which the burglars first tried to gain entry (Photo by Shahein Fitzpatrick)

Phillip revealed that the bandits took a microwave, two standing fans, and all the school’s food stock in the cupboards and fridge which was to provide hot meals daily for the children. 

The burglars are believed to have attempted to gain entry through a window, before damaging a door to get in.

“They also took the transformer which operates the refrigerator and all our cleaning supplies. We recently bought new cleaning supplies such as hand soaps and other products; this is very unfortunate,” Phillip said.

She explained that the school was so ransacked with items thrown around that herself, the teachers and students had to stay outside until the police arrived. 

She added, “We are a nonprofit organisation. What school fees are collected that’s what is used for salaries, the bills, maintenance and everything, except we would fundraise in between.”

Anyone wishing to donate items can do so directly through the school.

Police confirmed a report had been made and that the matter was being investigated.

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