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Bruce Greenaway murder-accused plead “not guilty,”other three granted bail

The three other law enforcement officers who are believed to have strangled Bruce Greenaway last year have all been granted bail after telling the court that they did not kill the deceased.

In June 2020, the police arrested and jointly charged Jason Modeste, Skaniel Thomas, Armal Warner, and Aliyah Martin for the alleged strangulation of Greenaway.

The Falmouth man’s lifeless body was found at Indian Creek on April 13 – a few days after his family reported him missing.

About a month ago, 20-year-old Armal Warner of Pares, was given bail by Justice Colin Williams in the sum of $40,000 with no cash component. Then, in early September, the other three defendants were rejected by the same judge.

However, an order was made for them to be moved from Her Majesty’s Prison, but after being arraigned and pleading “not guilty,” the defense lawyers reapplied for bail on the basis that the order was not complied with, and that there has been a breach of their legitimate expectations.

In the end, 25-year-old Skaniel Thomas and 44-year-old Jason Modeste, both of Swetes, and the lone female 20-year-old Aliyah Martin of Jennings, were given bail in the same amount as Warner.

The three accused will now be temporarily released once they satisfy their bail conditions.

The quartet, having denied the murder charge when arraigned before Justice Colin Williams on Friday at the High Court, will now have to stand trial.

The case will be called in December for case management.

Warner is represented by Attorney Sherfield Bowen, while Andrew O’Kola represents Thomas.     

Wendel Robinson represents Modeste, and Lawrence Daniels is Martin’s lawyer.


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