Bruce Greenaway death being taken “very seriously” – Commissioner

Bruce Greenaway (social media photo)
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A coroner’s inquest will be carried out into the death of Falmouth father-of-two Bruce Greenaway, police have confirmed.

Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney, told ABS TV moments ago that the force was taking the case “very, very seriously”.

Greenaway’s body was found near Indian Creek on April 13. He had apparently been seen with Defence Force soldiers shortly before he went missing four days earlier, allegedly for breaking curfew regulations.

A subsequent autopsy report revealed that he died from strangulation.

The Defence Force carried out a preliminary probe into the incident and forwarded the findings to police.

“Quite a bit of work” has been done since, Rodney told state TV tonight.

“The preliminary report gave us an idea of what happened. Our investigators have done a lot to get a lot more info,” he said.

That includes a “number of interviews”, the Commissioner explained. “I am very much pleased with the work done so far. We are carrying out a criminal investigation so there is a lot more work to do…. Someone has passed so there will be a coroner’s inquest but we are also exploring if there is any criminal aspect.”

Rodney said police hoped to have a meeting with the Director of Public Prosecutions this week.

“We are taking this very, very seriously… We are giving it all our efforts,” he said.

The Commissioner again appealed for patience, in light of the national outcry the incident has caused.

“It’s a serious investigation and we want to do it properly,” he added.

Greenaway’s funeral is set to take place on Thursday.

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