Browne’s Avenue Clinic denies claims of PPE shortages

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Health chiefs have rebuffed claims of shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) at a key clinic made by an employee who alleged staff and users were being put at risk. The worker told Observer last week of concerns about a lack of vital cleaning equipment, plus other critical gear, at Browne’s Avenue Clinic as the fight against Covid-19 continues.

Health officials could not be reached for comment when the article was published on Thursday.

However, the head nurse with responsibility for oversight of the facility yesterday claimed the clinic was “well equipped with personal protective equipment for the members of staff for its daily operations”.

The nurse, who was unnamed in a statement issued last night, said when supplies run short, a request is made to central stores and, once approved, they are replenished.

“Every patient has their hands sprayed with hand sanitiser or 70 percent-based alcohol to protect both the staff and clients from transmission,” the statement said.

“There is no shortage of cleaning supplies. Clorox is used to disinfect surfaces and the clinic is well-equipped with other cleaning essentials.”

It continued, “I am disappointed an employee would take these accusations to the media before voicing concerns”, claiming the accusations were “false and baseless”.

The statement admitted there was no hand-washing station and said one would be installed at the facility “in short order”.

As it relates to the reported claim of “absence of temperature screening for visitors”, Deputy Superintendent of Public Health Nurses, Almarie Coates, said the clinic had been provided with thermometers to carry out necessary checks.

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