Browne points finger towards Lovell

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne presented documents in Parliament on Friday that appear to show that a business relationship existed between the Senate minority leader and a company named Fincastle Enterprises Limited, which held and account at Meinl Bank Antigua Limited.
The payments, described as a retainer, stretched over six months during the latter half of 2015. No evidence of a connection between Fincastle and the bank, beyond being an account holder, was presented.
Browne blasted Senator Harold Lovell for the second time this week as he laid copies of accounting records on the table yesterday.
The records appear to show that, in the period July 2015 to December 2015, Lovell was paid US $24,000 — US $4,000 in the months of June, October, November and December 2015, while the records show that he was paid US $8,000 in August.
Lovell has declined to comment on what was presented in Parliament on Friday.
The prime minister has accused the Senate minority leader of not being forthcoming with the information, which Browne argued proves that Lovell had a business relationship with  Meinl Bank and its affiliates, although he presented no evidence to suggest that Fincastle is an affiliate of the bank.
Yesterday, Browne took to Facebook and made allegations regarding Lovell and Odebrecht – a move Lovell said he has taken up with his lawyer, as the comments were made outside of Parliament where speech is privileged.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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