Browne calls payments to One Nation performers ‘immaterial’

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has compared money spent on the One Nation Concert this year to a drop in the bucket.
Although these were not his exact words, he said the 350 thousand dollars paid to the performers for Saturday’s annual event is “immaterial.”
Residents have been questioning the need for the annual event, especially since hundreds of thousands of dollars are owed for previous carnivals.
But according to PM Browne, the money spent on One Nation cannot fix every problem in the country. He also added that half the money owed for the previous carnivals will be paid this week.
The parliamentary representative for City West spoke on the matter on Pointe FM over the weekend. “What is happening now is that One Nation is a panacea of the 350,000 that we use, the One Nation is a panacea to pay all debts. “Even if you don’t like it, understand that it is one of the events that forms part of our calendar of events, and just like any other event, it has to be funded.
Just like our carnival it has to be funded, so the fact that, you know, we have this event, that is not contributing to any arrears we have incurred during the year,” he said. The PM made these remarks in defense of the staging of Saturday’s show which garnered criticism in some circles.

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